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aasamen - being deluded (as Agamemnon admitting his self-delusion when taking Briseis from Achilles


achos - remorse


agathoi, agathos - people of superior social status or noble station


aidos, aidomai, aidestheis - shame leading one to treat others with respect due to their status in the social world; fear of condemnation and disapproval of  one's social group


ainarete - the dreaded expression of arete or heroic excellence, leading to negative consequences which fail to serve the community


aisa - doom (as in regard to Achilles doomed to a short life)


akedees - uncaring; also means not giving due burial


akos - the remedy for a situation


anax andron - lord of men (said of Agamemnon)


androphonoio - manslaughtering


anthos - to flower and bloom (applied to young men)


apotino- paying the penalty, as for a breach of a treaty, or paying a compensation, as for a murder, so that one can regain acceptance to one's



arete - excellence, virtue (within one's social context); being the best you can be; also used to indicate courage and military prowess, derived

from Ares


aristeia - excellence, prowess as a warrior


aristos - to be the best; a man of excellence


atasthaliai - recklessness, as in too extreme an obsession with personal glory


atimus, atimazo - without honor, treating someone dishonorably


atuzomoi - terrified, as in taking flight (men at war, Astyanax)


basileus - king


bie - violence; forceful power


charis - gratitude, kindness


charme - delight, especially delight in battle


cholos - anger, wrath


damazo - to subjugate or dominate (a woman, a city or people)


dike - justice


dios - brilliant (Odysseus in cleverness, Achilles in battle)


eleaire, eleeson, eleairo, eleos - pity (not our current usage of the word pity in English, but also related to the source of the word, piety); a combination of compassionate feeling and feeling related to virtue or moral obligation  (also related to oiktos or oiktiro)


enees - amiable (Patroclus)


epios - gentle (said of Patroclus, and at times, Priam); in Homeric times, one generally seeks to be gentle when warranted with one's people, but harsh with the enemy


eris - strife, often referred to as soul-destroying


esthlos - brave, noble


eubolia - excellent counsel (Odysseus, Nestor, Phoinix)


eugenes - of noble birth


fatum - fate, see also moira


gera - gifts of honor


hamartia - "missing the mark"; error in judgment


helot - slave, has no rights


hemitheoi - demigods


heros - live and die in pursuit of honor and glory


hippodamoi - tamers of horses (Hector, the Trojans)


hire - sacred


hubris - excess pride or arrogance, usually leading to ruin (a serious flaw in  Greek heroes); excess of pride which shows disrespect for gods and man hupermoiran - seemingly beyond one's portion, acting in a way as if to seem  to transcend fate


ise moira - an equal portion of moira or fate


kakos - coward, base


kalon - noble; following the aristocratic agasthos standard of virtuous behavior


karteros - mighty


kedistui - bonds of close association (but not as close as philoi)


kemai - lie dead


ker - one's destined path


klea andron - famous deeds of heros


kleos esthlon - noble glory


kleos - glory, often implying fame and immortality (in the memory of others), achieved as a result of one's time (acts of excellence meriting



kolpos - riverbed; also a woman's nurturing bosom


kratos - possessing higher social status


kredemna - battlements, also a woman's veil, emblem of her chastity


NOTE: The term kredemnon luesthai means both to sack a city and  to breach female chastity.

kudos - triumphant power or success resulting in glory, prestige and high



leistos - spoils or booty, as of war


makares - blessed


mechos - a device, mechanism or means


menie, menis - overpowering vengeful wrath, often


more than human


menos - energy, strength


metis - cunning (Odysseus)


minunthadios - short-lived (said of Achilles)


moira - fate, or one's allotment in terms of fate (often portrayed as negative  in the Iliad, and associated with doom or death; dissimilar to western  conceptions of destiny); derived from Moira, the impersonal goddess of destiny, as of Hesiod, considered to be the Moirae, the three Fates   (Clotho, Atropo and Lachesis);


neikos - shame-based public rebuke


nemesis - the indignation of the gods, often resulting from humans asserting themselves beyond their station (after Nemesis, the avenging goddess, who expressed righteous anger toward the proud and insolent)


nemesetos, nemesseton - eager to anger; expressing indignation


nepios - acting like  fool


oikos - household


oiktiro,  oiktos - pity; see eleeson


okumoros - fated to have a short life


oloos - accursedly desteructive, usually applied to destructive forces of nature,  but applied here to Agamemnon when he steals Briseis from

Achilles, and  Achilles after Patroclus' death


phaidimos - shining (Hector, Achilles)


phertoros - one who is more powerful


philos, philotes - friendship, used particularly to indicate family and friendship ties with those of the same group, involving affection and usually

implying  explicit or implicit expectations of reciprocity


philophrosune - friendly cooperation


pothe - desire or longing (the Greeks desiring that Achilles will return to action)


ptoliporthos - sacker of cities (Achilles, Odysseus)


podus okos OR poas tachus - swiftfooted (Achilles)


poine - payment, as compensation for death


polis - a social community or city-state, as Troy


polumetis - resourceful (Odysseus)


psuche - soul, wind-breath, life-breath, what makes a person alive (and no longer exists after death)


rechthentos - harm, leading to negative consequences


rheia - living easily (the gods in contrast to men)


sebas - shame; also revulsion, as against the enemy, for mutiliating corpses


tarchuo - to treat as a god


tarchusousi - to solemnly bury, originally meaning to make a hero of someone, to treat him as a god


thanatoio - one's portion of death


thumos - one's heart


time - honor; also meaning value, attributed to a person (as Achilles' time);  public acknowledgement of one's value/glory through awarding prizes; acclaim for achieving excellence (arete) in battle, sport or council; is often competitive; as in the Iliad, personal time can conflict with the time of one's community


xenie, xeinios, xeinia - hospitality, related to the tie between guest and hosts, and involving obligation and giving of gifts




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